Building a house?

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There is a misconception that a brand new home will be perfect. Buyers believe that since a new home is subject to inspections from local municipalities that there won’t be any issues with the home. However, this is not the case. In Collin County alone, there are around 100 new residents that move in per day. With the abundance on new homes being built in North Texas, city and county inspectors are stretched thin. They are looking at hundreds of homes every month. The shear number of inspections requested leaves plenty of room for error. While city and county inspectors are doing what they can to ensure that every home is built right, the city and or county employ them. Buyers should have a licensed home inspector perform a phased inspection of their new home. This ensures that the inspector is looking out for your best interests and no one else’s.

There are three main phases for a new home inspection. The first phase is the foundation. In this phase, we will check the site location prior to the foundation being poured to ensure that the footings for the foundation are at the correct depth, the post tension cables are set properly, the drain lines are of correct size and are sloped properly, as well as many other items. We will also check the property once the foundation is poured to ensure that it is done correctly. The second phase will be once the house is at its “dry-in” phase. This is the point right before the dry wall goes up inside the house. This point is critical because this will be the last time that you will be able to see what is behind the walls before they are covered up. The framing of the entire house, the electrical lines, the plumbing lines, the central heat and air ducting, the fire blocking, the roof support system, and much more will be thoroughly inspected. The third and final phase of the inspection will be when the house is completed. This last inspection will be a full property inspection to ensure all systems are functioning properly. This phase is the same as a typical inspection on any home that is completed.

Buyers will receive periodic reports on the progress of the home and will help with any issues that may arise with the builder to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.