Selling a house?

4 getting ready to sell your home

Most people think that only homebuyers get home inspections. The fact is that many sellers obtain inspection reports on their property prior to putting it on the market for sale. Sellers find that by having an inspection done on the property, it helps make the selling process of their house go much smoother. By having an inspection done, a seller can find out exactly what issues that the buyer’s inspector will find when they perform their inspection. This provides the seller with an opportunity to repair any items that they feel are necessary to sell the house easier. They can also disclose the imperfections in the house to potential buyers. This reduces the potential for the “deal breaker” when a buyer’s inspector finds something in the house that the seller was unaware of. When a seller gets an inspection done, the possibility for those “little surprises” during the option period is significantly reduced. When a seller has disclosed everything in the property that the buyer’s inspector ends up finding, the buyer is left feeling much more confident that they are purchasing a quality home with little or no hidden problems. This also helps the buyer feel more confident in you as a seller since you were open and took an interest in making sure that you were selling a good home.