Home Warranty about to run out?

3 builder warranty about to expire

When people buy a brand new home, most builders give them a one or two year home warranty. The majority of homeowners don’t think about the warranty until something goes wrong with the house. Unfortunately, many times the warranty has already expired. How many times have you purchased a product and it breaks down right after the warranty expires? As a result, many homeowners will get a home inspection prior to the warranty running out on their house. Within the first year or two after a house is built, there will be some settlement in the house. Also, with having a year or two of use on the appliances, electrical system, plumbing and other items in the house, certain deficiencies may be more apparent than when the house was brand new. With an inspection report in hand, a homeowner can go to their builder or home warranty company and request that items found in the report be repaired. This helps save the homeowners money by not having to pay for the needed repairs once the warranty has expired. Homeowners can utilize the full extent of their warranty by having a home inspection performed prior to the warranty running out. By having the items fixed under warranty, this ensures that homeowners can keep as much of their hard-earned money in their own pocketbook.